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Every industries is passing thro’ an transition period, on verge of globalisation. Lots of question about Quality, Safety, Efficiency, Maintenance, Global Standards, Energy Conservation, New Equipments, Recycling & Disposals, shortage of skilled labour, What to use? How work should be done are asked. Even for seasoned pro it can be difficult and confusing to separate all the hype from the facts.

Ecochem simplifies your life : International quality products with latest technology information & skills for best practise, continues improvement to increase efficiency, Save energy, work chemically free, one person operation possible with simple operation & minimal training. Some of the areas we touch your life are :

1) H.P.Washers : M/s. A & R, Italy. Hi-Pressure Washer replaces inefficient cleaning methods with economical hi-pressure washing. The unit saves labor, decreases downtime and reduces costs. Full range of optional to clean Tubes of chillers, condensers, evaporators, absorption machines, heat exchangers, AC Cleaners.


2) Air Pressure Washers : Used safely in all areas, where electric units are prohibited, Compact & powerful unit can also use hot water with chemical addition. Avoid water & all aftermath cleaning mess.

3) Vapor Cleaning : When Vapor touches a cold surface it expand, explosively loosening dirt, grease and grim It’s high heat instantly kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other micro organism without use of harsh chemcials. Cleans not only flat surfaces, but also cracks and crevices where dirt and microbes etc, would be difficult to kill and remove by any other method. Available with HEPA filter, suction for wet, dry, liquid & solid e.pick ups.

4) Duct Cleaning : Did you know ? 90% of all ventilation system components failures are caused by debris in ducts. Dirty ducts are breeding grounds for mold spores, bacteria, dust, pollen, viruses and other harmful deposits. Robot clng. for normal & greasy duct.

5) Online Cooling Tower Cleaning : This powerful unit will quickly remove slime algae, mud and other contaminants from the sides and floor of any cooling tower without the need to drain the system & save on water and costly chemical replacements. You can even use this vaccum while the cooling tower is in operation, eliminating system downtime and inconvenience.

6) Tube Cleaning : Tube cleaning job is easily made to simple ONE person operation, in small to large tube bundle machines, for chillers, condenser, evaporators, absorption machines & heat exchangers with mechanical & water washers for simultaneous water flushing to remove deposits. (Merind : Vam Chiller cleaned in 5 hrs. x 2men Vs 18 hrs. x 6 men)

7) HVAC : Continously clean HVAC System & Improve Indoor Air Quality

8) Biocides : FDA approved, Ecofriendly biocide, complex formulation of processed Silver a noble metal & higly conc. Hydrogen Peroxide ensures rapid germ killing effect and Silver component ensures that the effect is long lasting. Germ killing effect is rapid, in entire spectrum of activity, with NO GAP, even from low to high temperatures. It generates neither smell nor taste, has no toxic effect, do not effect pH value & causes no corrosion. It main component Hydrogen Peroxide does not pollute the effluent as only water & nascent oxygen are formed when it decomposes, it’s SAFE for both human as well as animal life.

9) MAGNA CHEMICALS, SINGAPORE : Through many years of extensive research, Magna International has developed many products and provided various solutions and technology to many different industries, in solving their specific needs and requirements. All of Magna International products are uniquely formulated and developed by Magna itself. We hold the patents to several of the Trade Mark Magna has more than 120 products listed in the NATO MCRL. We have COMPLETE range of products for ISO 14000 cos., for there GREEN agenda.
Check for Fuel additives - sludge dispersant, Lube-Coat, Rust Guard, High Temperature Grease Etc.

10) Industrial Vacuums Cleaners : Range of VC with HEPA Filters / Water Filters, up to 0.3 microns, Wet - dry, Chip Coolant recovery vacuums, Air Powered vaccum, flameproof, etc. with customization options for various Industries.

Ecochem provides much more then basic cleaning, a better way to clean, reduce risk, increase efficiency, eliminate / reduce chemical, reduce water consumption upto 80%, use multipurpose fewer machines & chemcials with simplified process, making it worker friendly, drastically reducing cost and making your life simplier, that’s what we aim for.

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